Bantotal announces the signing of an agreement with Meawallet, a company that provides digital payment solutions for banks and merchants, integrating its payment tokenization platform to Bantotal Store. This will allow financial institutions to facilitate the way in which their customers pay with their current cards, provide greater security, lower costs and speed up processes through the issuance of digital cards.

Nacho Gironella, MeaWallet’s Americas Director: «The alliance highlights the objectives and complementarity of both companies; solving the most important needs of customers through technology with efficiency, effectiveness, and putting the customer at the center. We are very confident that this alliance will help to further develop payments in the region».


For more information about Meawallet and other solutions available at Bantotal Store see:

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Company that helps banks, issuers and merchants with payment tokenization. If an entity needs to implement Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay or any other means of payment, Meawallet simplifies the process of enabling digital payment for its customers, as it is connected to flags and wallets. It specializes in issuing or acquiring tokenization providing a 360º tokenization service. It has state-of-the-art technology (API/SDK) for entities with specific tokenization needs.

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