Providing exceptional value added systems consulting and integration capabilities that help deliver Bantotal banking software projects: from end to end, on time, within budget and according to specifications.

The Bantotal service partner consultant is trained in the Bantotal Core Banking platform and certified in our institutional exams The certification is only applicable for the most recent and immediately previous version of Core Banking, ensuring that all service partner consultants are validated against the latest capabilities. Bantotal is still involved in all the projects and we organize the participation of the service partners based on a project case by case

CMI Interser

CMI International Group is an organization known worldwide for its performance in terms of the application and teaching of techniques, methods and tools for negotiating and conflict management. CMI International Group and De Larrobla & Associates carried out the research and subsequent development of a methodology for managing “Change Projects” (“Humanware”), that is to say projects that change the way things are seen and done in a company.



CPA Ferrere is a firm that provides professional services in various areas and participates as a strategic partner of Bantotal in multiple implementation projects through its specialized Process and Technology area. The multidisciplinary approach of CPA FERRERE to managing their projects allows them to collaborate with the Bantotal implementation processes starting with the understanding of the characteristics of the business for each client, defining specific functional requirements, parameterizing the operation up to quality management from different aspects of the software implementation