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(Español) Con esta solución FacePhi provee una alternativa novedosa y de gran comodidad para los usuarios de banca móvil ya que éstos únicamente tendrán que tomarse un selfie con su Smartphone para acceder a sus cuentas bancarias u operar en ellas.

Selphi® además garantiza una alta seguridad en cualquier operación, incorporando un filtro de vivacidad donde la tecnología es capaz de distinguir entre una fotografía y la persona que está delante del dispositivo móvil.

Esta tecnología innovadora mejora la experiencia del usuario sin esfuerzo, simplemente usando la cámara del dispositivo móvil para sacarse un selfie convirtiéndose así en su método de identificación e interacción con la aplicación móvil del banco.



Facial recognition solution to access private banking or approve transactions with a selfie.

Selphi® is an easy to use technology thanks to its safe and fast user experience, that will allow the user to access their accounts in less than a second. With its encrypted pattern and the different liveliness systems it has, it has become one of the most reliable technologies on the market with a FAR & lt; 0.002%.

This innovative technology improves the user experience without effort, simply using the camera of your mobile device to take a selfie, thus becoming your method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application. Taken the selfie, a pattern that is sent to the bank is extracted. This is recorded for later comparison in future operations.

With a strong concentration in the financial sector, our product is becoming a service used by banks around the world. Its implementation not only means savings for financial institutions, but also a way to attract customers and build loyalty while increasing transaction security, both for customers and the business.

Use cases:

– Mobile Banking Selphi®: Allows easy access by means of a selfie and supposes an increase in security, reducing phishing and identity theft. The technology is already integrated into the app that the user is using.

– ATM without card: The process begins by opening the app and logging in with a SelPhi® (facial recognition). You choose the option “Cash without card” and then the amount of money you want to extract. You will have to authenticate again to confirm the operation. Once this is done, they will receive an OTP (single-use and for a short period). Finally, the OTP is entered into the ATM and cash is withdrawn.

– Web banking with QR: First, you must open the bank’s app and scan the QR code from the bank’s website with the app. You have to verify the session with SelPhi® (facial recognition) and then you can have secure access to your bank accounts and operate from the PC.

Selphi is already being used by banks such as HSBC or ICBC in Argentina, Banco Industrial in Guatemala and Banco Inbursa in Mexico, among others.