Bantotal Internet Banking offers the possibility of operating via the internet to clients of the institution. It allows them to carry out monetary transactions, inquiries and banking transactions at any time and from any device with internet access, providing a fast, easy and secure service.

What does Bantotal Internet Banking bring to a Financial Institution?

  • Provides its clients with a simple and user-friendly way to carry out and monitor their operations.
  • Minimizes the need of the client to visit the bank, thereby reducing operating costs.
  • Facilitates communication with the client.
  • A single solution for any type of banking (consumer or corporate).
  • Manage and consult about the activity of Internet Banking users from an external application.
  • Business Knowledge, through a solution based on business processes documented under standard BPMN 2.0

Features and Functionality

  • The module consists of 2 applications: Internet Banking which is accessed through the Internet, and Internet Banking Administration which is accessed internally.
    • The Internet Banking application has the following features:
      • Consultations on all client products.
      • Transfers between own accounts or to third parties and transfers to other local and international banks.
      • Request chequebooks.
      • Payment of services.
      • Payment of salaries and suppliers.
      • Payment of loans.
      • User and permission administration without the need for intervention from the bank.
      • Consultations and pre-entering of foreign trade operations.
      • Export information accessed and records of transactions in popular formats such as Excel, PDF, TXT and others.
    • The Internet Banking Administration application has the following features:
      • Administration of Internet Banking users
      • Audit consultation on the activity of users of Internet Banking and the Administrative application.
      • Administration of client communication.
      • Block/Unblock users and IPs
  • Accessible and fully functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Applications are in multiple languages and internationalizable.
  • For authentication and different transactions a second level of authentication may be demanded using OTP.
  • Different levels of authorization can be configured for confirmation of transactions.
  • Allows for easy communication with the client as it has a news and publications module.
  • The application can be easily adapted to the corporate identity and the needs of the financial entity.

Why choose Bantotal Internet Banking?

  • Because it is part of the family of Bantotal products and integrates naturally with the Core. This reduces costs and implementation time and complexity.
  • Because it is a complete solution with all the functionalities for consumer and corporate clients.
  • Because it offers clients a user-friendly and secure solution.