Bringing the Financial Institution closer to its customers, providing an excellent experience through a simple and user-friendly solution.

What does Bantotal Mobile Banking allow your Financial Institution to do?

  • Deepen customer relationships in three dimensions:
    • – Amplitude: being able to sell products that the customer does not buy.
    • – Depth: increasing the volume of transactions.
    • – Duration: generating higher levels of loyalty by offering value propositions that include customers’ needs.
  • Reduce operating costs: minimizing branch operations.
  • Improve communication with your customers: creating a new interaction channel.

Features and Functionality

  • Minimizes the number of steps of authentication and login controls.
  • It is secure.Can be configured so that the application does not require a pin each time it connects.
  • Allows you to transfer funds and make payments.
  • The user can rename each account to identify it better.
  • Can display the current or available balance on the initial screen.
  • Shows the latest transactions in the bank accounts at a touch of the main screen.
  • Finds the nearest ATM without needing to login.
  • Provides fast information about the benefits offered by different stores..
  • The user only needs to link to the device once.

Why choose Bantotal Mobile Banking?

  • Because it is simple; users have flexible and easy-to-use tools.
  • Because it deepens the relationship with customers, bringing a value proposition to them through their ability to manage their institution and maintain smooth communication.
  • Because it is context sensitive to customers, using information to help them and guide them in purchases and payments.