Bantotal Core

Bantotal Core is the centerpiece of our platform and solves all mission critical banking processes for Banks, Finance Companies, Fintech, Digital Banks, e-Commerce, Banking as a Service providers, etc. It is the market leader in Latin America, being used in 15 countries and continuously solving the financial activity of more than 30 billion people, all year round.

Functional Architecture

The platform includes all mission-critical banking processes required by the different types of Financial Institutions, such as loans, checking and savings accounts, credits, fixed-time deposits, debit cards, etc. Additionally, we contemplate specialized products such as investment funds, cash management, foreign trade, treasury, and microfinance, among others.

The client and accounting are the backbone of the solution. Every monetary transaction in the system will solve accounting matters online, in real time, automatically, and with double entry control. The operating balance and the accounting balance are solved in the same event; therefore, Bantotal does not require the use of accounting assistants.

The operational modules use the same components as the Core, so they are naturally integrated and do not require interfaces to operate between them.

What's inside Bantotal Core?

Bantotal Core is integrated by process-oriented, cloud-agnostic, microservice-oriented Building Blocks developed with Low Code tools that, through an agile approach, ensure the continuous and incremental update and evolution of the Platform.

What does Bantotal Core offer?

Banking Processes
Solving banking and accounting operations, ensuring security of transactions and compliance with regulations.
Minimising time-to-market, automating everything that can be automated, facilitating integration with other systems.
Supporting high transactional volumes, operating 24/7, without interruption, with access to a flexible infrastructure.

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