From a technological point of view the Bantotal System has five key features:

  • It is multi-platform
  • It is extensible
  • It is modular
  • The client and accounting are central in the system
  • It has a service oriented architecture

Its core systems are generated with the GeneXus Low Code Platform.

System architecture

The Bantotal System, like its complementary modules, can run in the following architectures:

  • Java o .Net, using a graphical interface under a Web Browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)

And on the following platforms:

  • Java (All supported platforms)
  • IBM i-Series Microsoft.NET (Windows Server)
  • SQL Server (Windows Server)
  • Oracle (All supported platforms)
Bantotal System Architecture

System Extensibility

The “Client” layer can be increased (extensibility) by the Client. To this end, the mechanisms and tools to do so are provided (knowledge transfer).

By adhering to them compatibility with modifications made to the Core Layer or Country Layer is ensured.


Functional and Applicative System Structure

System Integration