A smart approach to banking

It is an area that specializes in the development of methods and techniques of analysis and data science, so that the Financial Institutions operating with the Bantotal Banking Platform can make smart decisions that allow them to innovate and optimize the performance of their platform.

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Our solutions focus on two main areas of action:

Grow the Business

Brinda visibilidad de la relación con los clientes, permitiendo desarrollar propuestas que generen mayor volumen de negocio, rentabilidad y fidelidad.

Run the Business

It provides real-time platform visibility for monitoring and controlling the ongoing operation.

Smart banking approach fundamentals

Smart Banking is a smart approach to the development of relevant relationships between financial institutions and their customers. This comes to life in six steps that involve the use of a set of processes and Tools and Techniques (T&T) taken from analytics and data science, which generate business information and knowledge used to make smart decisions.


BData Analytics

It provides solutions that give the Financial Institution visibility in terms of customer behavior and banking platform performance.


It provides visibility over the service layer of the banking platform in real time. Through a complete Elastic (ELK) Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) panel, it allows to identify errors and delays in the execution of services.

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It provides data regarding customers and their behavior, allowing segmentation by demographic and behavioral variables, such as age, gender, products hired, transaction times, volume of business, etc.

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End-of-day process

It provides organized information regarding the execution of the end-of-day process, which allows the visualization of relative times and deviations, as well as past queries of executions.

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Digital channels

It provides customer behavior and operations data through Web and Mobile channels, as well as information related to Back Office.

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BData Science

It provides AI-based solutions that give Financial Institutions the ability to predict behaviors and prescribe business decisions.

Behavior and pattern analysis

Customer churn prediction


Other solutions

BData Consulting

We share our knowledge with the institution by providing tailored solutions

Our consultancy process follows six steps. First, we work with the client to define goals and research questions. Then, a team of experts performs a primary assessment that involves understanding the available data and sizing the solution. Once these two steps have been completed, we proceed to the plan development phase, which defines how the solution will be implemented. The next two steps are related to the execution phase and consist of performing an exploratory analysis through a statistical treatment of the data (it can be only this), and then performing the predictive analysis and prescriptions, based on the creation of models that use artificial intelligence. Lastly, we prepare and present a final report with findings and recommendations.



The goal of Staging is to empower Data Analytics and Data Science teams to perform exploratory analysis and modeling, without needing to know the transactional data model, thus democratizing access to information and accelerating the decision-making process in their business areas.



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