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Bantotal is the leading banking platform in Latin America, which solves mission critical banking operations for Banks, Fintech, e-Commerce, Banking as a Services providers and others. An ecosystem is developed around Bantotal, which complements the Platform with solutions that are focused on solving specific needs for each client.

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  • Noviembre 21, 2023

    SGB signs agreement with Bantotal to integrate its products into Bantotal Store

    Bantotal announces the signing of an agreement with SGB. This company provides IT solutions for managing and administrating legal notices and notifications from Central Banks, Courts, and Regulatory Bodies, integrating its e-officious product into the Bantotal Store.

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  • Junio 20, 2023

    IBS intelligence recognition

    (Español) Bantotal fue reconocido, por la prestigiosa firma de investigación y consultoría en tecnología financiera IBS (International banking Systems), como líder para la región de América Latina.

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  • Junio 8, 2023

    Join the Bantotal Meetup 2023

    (Español) El 4 y 5 de octubre en Bogotá, Colombia, se realizará el Bantotal Meetup 2023. Un evento que reunirá a la comunidad latinoamericana de clientes y socios de la plataforma bancaria Bantotal. El mismo tiene lugar en un contexto donde la tecnología está impulsando una intensa digitalización de los procesos de las Instituciones Financieras y donde aparecieron actores que generan cambios en la dinámica del mercado.

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Bantotal is Latin America's leader solution that solves critical mission operations of the Financial Institutions in a simple, complete and precise way


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    Our Solutions

    Bantotal is one of the most internationally recognized core banking systems which has been implemented in the main financial institutions in Latin America. This experience has allowed Bantotal Core to incorporate the best banking practices and processes.

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    Bantotal is the benchmark in technological solutions for Microfinance, which has been implemented in the leading microfinance institutions in Latin America. This has allowed the best sector processes and practices to be incorporated into Bantotal – Microfinance.

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    Bantotal Comex allows the financial institution to develop the business of Letters of Credit, Guarantees, Collections, Giros and International Cheques.

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    Bantotal Internet Banking offers the possibility of operating via the internet to clients of the institution. It allows them to carry out monetary transactions, inquiries and banking transactions at any time and from any device with internet access, providing a fast, easy and secure service.

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    Bringing the Financial Institution closer to its customers, providing an excellent experience through a simple and user-friendly solution.

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    Bantotal Business Processes is a key tool to allow Financial Institutions to operate on the basis of well-defined processes, achieve their strategic objectives and keep their business under control.

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    Bantotal Treasury offers investors a global vision of their portfolio through a scalable system in terms of product variety and volume of business.

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