Having the best banking solution is not enough; we need to implement it successfully. The technological disruption triggered by emerging technologies and improvements —such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, IOT, etc., which function and receive feedback in the cloud— is modifying the ways we relate and the speed of change. This involves the need to understand the nature of the job that we are performing to define which approach to use. At one end, we have projects that we call fixed requirements, in which it is possible to define a highly detailed scope right at the beginning of the project. At the other end, we face projects in which it is not possible to define the scope at early stages, as there are high levels of uncertainty and changes.

In general, we can say that, for the first cases, we use predictive frameworks and, for the second ones, we follow an agile approach. Since reality is not always in one of both ends, in many cases, we consider a hybrid approach. This means that we apply iterative and incremental processes at some stages and predictive processes at other stages of the same project.

In any case, our purpose is to maximize the added value provided to the client by delivering a working software and having the ability to operate in settings with dynamic requirements, minimizing time-to-market.

Our teams, frameworks, and tools have allowed us to successfully install Bantotal in Latin America and the Caribbean, in different business and market environments.

Our pillars are:

Work team

Our starting point and focus are the people. Our recruiting, training, and development processes within the company ensure the necessary skills to obtain successful results in the implementation processes.

Project management knowledge

Our project managers have been trained in the methodological standards produced by world-class organizations —such as the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance, among others—, as well as in Bantotal’s processes, techniques, and tools in order to manage implementation projects of our platform and the Bantotal suite of solutions, which aim to meet the needs of the clients of our clients. Our company has incentive schemes that contribute to having a high number of PMP and Scrum Master certified staff.

High performance: The combination of leadership, skills, knowledge, frameworks, and practical experience in 14 countries ensures a level of performance that is reflected in our implementations.

Relationship: One of our core values is collaborating with the client, and our teams are trained in transversal skills that contribute to the creation of meaningful relations, which help with balancing time, scope, and cost restrictions, as well as managing expectations and communications 

Project governance

Our leaders and their teams receive a governance framework that defines the roles and responsibilities, the processes, the decision-making models, the techniques, and the tools, so as to successfully plan, manage, monitor, and close the project. They also receive an approved methodology to keep the project under control, generating key information for the different stakeholder groups in a predictable, consistent, and repetitive way.

Processes and plans

Our processes align to international standards and have embedded all the specific knowledge required to implement banking solutions at the level of the platform as well as solutions, which are used by the client of the financial institution.

All of Bantotal’s projects have a precise and approved framework. We use predictive frameworks for projects in which it is possible to define the scope at early stages and in which requirements tend to be fixed. We use agile frameworks for projects in which the scope is iteratively defined and in which it is possible to divide the final deliverables. We use hybrid models for those cases that fall in between.


We have globally approved and recognized tools for managing projects, which ensure a collaborative management that supports a model with participants that work simultaneously in different countries.

We also have a system for work orders management that allows us to keep an orderly workflow for rising requirements, as well as their assessment, approval, testing, development, and homogenization. This tool provides a clear view of the requirements’ state, its effort, duration, and quality of the deliveries.

BANTOTAL implementation methodology for fixed requirements cases

BANTOTAL implementation methodology for dynamics requirements cases