If you have a technological solution or if you provide professional services that can positively impact the business of Financial Institutions and the experience of their customers, we invite you to be a part of Bantotal’s Community. Discover tools and resources that will allow you to innovate on our platform and provide services to more than 20 million people in 14 countries.

In a revolutionary world, it is impossible to think that only one supplier will satisfy all the needs of all clients with a product. Therefore, we have developed a community around our Banking Platform. It is based on two integration programs that offer Financial Institutions all relevant innovation and services, so that they can deliver close, convenient, and efficient solutions to their customers.

Our programs have an onboarding process that contains a set of training, technical documentation and sandbox tools that facilitate the integration and incorporation to Bantotal Store.

Bantotal Campus

We provide access to a set of on-demand courses that aim to train people in the financial business, Bantotal as a platform, and the environment of development and implementation.


We provide a development environment on the cloud that allows the integration to Bantotal, generating an MVP that can be used for commercial purposes. Additionally, it provides the chance to develop the practical exercises proposed through Bantotal Campus.

API Banking

We give access to the Bantotal API and its technical documentation in order to integrate the technical solutions to Bantotal.


Visit our Store and get to know all the solutions that have already been approved by Bantotal and are available for use by the Financial Institutions.

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