• Marzo 13, 2020

    A Customer Centric Banking Platform

    Every customer-centric Financial Institution requires a customer-centric banking platform. This does not mean that technology goes first. Focusing on the customer means setting their expectations as the starting point and then identifying the necessary elements to satisfy them in a cost-effective way.

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  • Los tres niveles de un modelo de plataforma
    Abril 8, 2019

    The Three levels of a Plataform Model

    In the current business context, we think more about platform-based business models, in which there is no linearity in the value chain and from where a new type of integration arises, which we called: concentric.
    The platform-based business model can be represented in three levels defined by three lines: Core line, Integration line, and Exchange line.

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  • Ilustración de Agile
    Julio 18, 2018

    Agile: Myths and Values

    Introduction In the few last years I have repeatedly heard people describing “Agile” as a methodology and using “Agile” and “SCRUM” as interchangeable words and concepts with no distinction between the two.

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  • Noviembre 22, 2017

    Bantotal as a Platform in a Digital World

    FROM PRODUCT TO PLATFORM The role of Core Banking in the digitalization of the banking sector. The current business climate is characterized by an increase in the number of solutions available by which the requirements of consumers or service users can be fulfilled; the number of possibilities for personalizing these solutions; and the speed with which each of these solutions is updated.

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  • Logo de Life Banking en una foto con una familia en la naturaleza
    Noviembre 20, 2017

    Life Banking

    What are the key elements of the New Bank and how should the value propositions be in this context? What are the key elements of the New Bank and how should the value propositions be in this context? It is common agreement that the Financial Institutions market is changing strongly, both on the supply side, through the entry of new players, and on the side of the demand. Some of the words that have emerged to refer to this new business context are: Omnichannel, Digital Banking, Digital Channels, Virtual Banking, Multichannel and Cyber ​​Banking.

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