Cogo, the sustainability fintech, that works with banks to help customers lower their carbon footprint, has established a new partnership with Bantotal.

Green finance and sustainable banking solutions are an increasing concern and focus globally so this partnership aims to introduce Cogo’s expertise in carbon management to retail and business banks within in Latin America through Bantotal’s extensive banking network. Bantotal currently works with more than 70 banking clients in the region, while Cogo has extensive experience integrating carbon management solutions into banks, working with 20 banks across Europe and APAC.

Emma Kisby, Cogo CEO, says: “While green finance and carbon management solutions are starting to establish more of a presence within banking experiences in Europe and APAC, there has been very little adoption within the Americas. We expect this partnership with Bantotal to change that. Bantotal has a great presence with over 80 banking partners, so we’re looking forward to introducing these banks to not only the importance of carbon management, but the customer engagement opportunity that comes with it, and wider conversations around green products and solutions.”

Pablo Silveira from Bantotal , comments: "A strategic alliance with Cogo would allow Bantotal to strengthen its commitment to environmental and social sustainability, while offering innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients, setting us apart in the market and contributing significantly to the sustainable development of our communities."

Cogo established its first banking partnership with NatWest in November 2021, and now works with 20 banking partners globally, with an estimated reach of 30 million potential customers.

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About Cogo:
Cogo is a carbon footprint management product that helps individuals and businesses to measure, understand and reduce their impact on the climate. Cogo does this through partnerships with some of the world's largest banks to integrate leading carbon-tracking functionality into their banking apps.
Cogo uses best-in-class models to provide accurate ways to measure carbon emissions specific to local markets and cutting-edge behavioural science techniques to nudge customers to make more sustainable choices.
Cogo currently works with 20 banks, with plans to double this in the next twelve months. Founded in 2016, Cogo, operates in 12 countries across Europe, Australasia and North America (including the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Canada). Cogo has raised over US$14 million in funding since launch.
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