About Bantotal

Bantotal Banking Platform entered into the market in 1991 and became the market leader in the Latin American region. Its headquarters is located in Uruguay, where its Research and Development Department, Global Maintenance Service Centre and Training Centre are also located. It also has sales and service offices in various countries in the region and software development centres in Argentina and Peru.

In 2013, Gartner confirmed Bantotal’s leadership in Latin America, positioning it in its Magic Quadrant, highlighting its focus on project management, its maintenance services, which include the adaptations necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements of different countries and the identification of new needs and opportunities from their existing clients, as some of its strengths.

Why Are We The Solution?

We resolve all operations of financial institutions simply and accurately.

Our life is the development of software for Financial Institutions. 100% of our organization is focused on creating, implementing and maintaining solutions which are easy to use and at the same time improve and enhance the business of all types of Financial Institutions. Our solutions provide for the comprehensive processing of all operations in the Financial Institution. Therefore, in addition to providing functional support for each of the products and services offered by the financial entity, it includes the Accounting System (completing the registration and disclosure rules determined by the regulatory bodies in each country) such as the issuance of the reports required by them.

Bantotal is specially designed to help financial entities to develop their business:

  • Keeping the Bank’s operations under full control.
  • Completely solving customer recognition problems, either by name or business name, organization to which they belong, account number, financial group or by some special interest parameter.
  • Allowing users to know the who, what, when, where and how of each transaction.
  • Providing detailed analysis of the utility generated by each agency or branch, account executive, client, financial group or product.


To be one of the four most important companies in the market and have a presence in all 5 continents.

What Does Bantotal Provide Its Clients?

The best business processes: more than 30 years of experience have allowed us to embed hundreds of business processes that reflect the best practices of the financial operations in Bantotal.

Economies of scale: our base in Latin America ensures full knowledge of the regulatory and tax requirements of each country, generating the informative reports required. This minimizes the risk and the time-to-market.

More efficient implementation: the proven methodology and Bantotal project management tools allow for planning, executing, having full visibility and timely project completion, within the scope and budget.

Business Visibility: the online and real time information of Bantotal ensures that the decision makers have up to date information 24/7 throughout the year.


Knowledge Portfolio

We have solutions for Retail Banks, Corporate Banking, Second-Tier Banks, Financers, Micro-Financers, Savings and Loans, Private Banking, Municipal Banks, Rural Banks, Credit Unions, Trusts, Stockbrokers, Currency Exchanges, Development Banks, Offshore Banks.