Three levels

The Platform's structure can be represented by three levels: Core, Integration, and Exchange.

Level I – Core:

It contains all banking processes required by the different types of Financial Institutions.

Level II - Integration:

It is integrated by the API, the integration framework that allows for services consumption and exposure management, facilitating the integration with all those included.

Level III - Exchange:

It represents the points of contact throughout the entire customer journey, which we call "Touchpoints". “Customer Journey”, que denominamos “Touchpoints”.

Seven elements
There are seven basic elements required to meet the needs of the different business models that exist today.
Building Blocks
A set of banking solutions required by all Financial Institutions.
Heavy Duty
Enable scalability and 24/7 availability of Financial Institutions.
It must ensure data confidentiality and compliance with standards.
Must be able to operate in the cloud, contemplating the
SaaS model.
It must facilitate Building Blocks integration.
It must facilitate data collection and processing to make business decisions that meet client needs in a profitable way.
It must ensure the integration of innovative solutions that add value to the platform.

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