Bantotal and Northelis announce their agreement to integrate the professional services of Organizational Development Consulting into the Bantotal Store.

This strategic partnership allows Bantotal’s clients to access Northelis’ specialized Organizational Development Consulting services.

In an increasingly challenging world, Northelis works alongside leaders and their teams to overcome organizational challenges and move forward confidently and optimistically in fundamental transformations.

The services offer activities for training and developing leaders and teams to empower the entire organization.

With this integration, financial institutions will obtain specialized advice to optimize critical aspects such as trust and alignment of teams and their leaders, a mindset of constant improvement, innovative problem solving to move forward cohesively, commitment and collective responsibility assigned, and the focus on results

Valeria Bogadjian, Founder and Director of Northelis, expressed her enthusiasm: “This agreement with Bantotal is of great value to us, as it allows us to offer high-quality Organizational Development Consulting services, providing comprehensive solutions and significant added value.”

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We are dedicated to strengthening organizations through the power of team cohesion and consolidation as the foundation for sustainable growth. We offer services in Organizational Development Consulting and conduct Corporate Training Activities to assist companies, their leaders, and employees in facing the most challenging issues and achieving transformative results with confidence and optimism.

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