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THESE is a Uruguayan based Software Quality Assurance company with over 9 years of experience in the field.

Our mission is to provide our customers innovative solutions through our quality control services, carried out by our qualified team of experts, focusing on the early detection of incidents that would allow us to anticipate further issues and optimize processes, generating significant savings to our customers and a better user experience.

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Throughout our comprehensive, highly experienced team, we provide Software Quality Assurance services, characterized by reducing start-up time and aiming at optimizing processes and costs, from an early detection of incidents.

Some or our services are:

  • Follow up and improvement of business processes.
  • QA Management and Consulting.
  • Functional testing.
  • QA Automation.
  • Integration testing.
  • RPA.
  • Front End Development.
  • Back End Development.
  • UX/UI Development.
  • DevOps: Continuous integration.
  • QA Training for users.
  • QA Training for Agile Developers.

Maximizing results in the banking industry: What’s the benefit of having our QA services?

The experience acquired after years of working in the banking industry has allowed us to provide quality control services in a safe way, in an area where reliability, accessibility and precision are essential.

Based on previous experiences, we know that the errors detected tend to be repeated in the same instances, therefore, we recognize where we must be more incisive when making quality tests.

Currency exchanges and transfers are areas in which we emphasize when it comes to detecting errors, as we understand that for the bank, assertiveness in this regard is also a way to retain its customers.

Being able to detect cases mostly used by end customers in test environments, making the impact they generate on the business visible, allows us to design a test plan where coverage is guaranteed throughout the applications.

This implies the coverage of critical functionalities, the correct monitoring of the incident test cycle and the generation of metrics that give us the possibility of making decisions about the direction of the project whenever needed, being this an important factor when generating corrections.

What use cases is it used for?

In a world where the use of devices and the development of mobile applications is increasing, we must understand the QA service as a fundamental link in the improvement of the user experience, where the goal will be to detect in the current stage the errors made in previous stages as well as foreseeing new incidents and documenting them in order to improve our software reaching the highest levels of quality and usability possible.

Since the assessment and tests execution, our team manages to generate a knowledge base that is formally delivered to the client, giving place to the retention of business knowledge supported by a quality control service.

We understand the QA service as applicable to all use cases, and when we refer to the banking industry, more precisely about functionalities such as:

  • Credit card applications.
  • Cheque book requests.
  • Overdraft requests.
  • Token requests.
  • Transfers.
  • Receivables.
  • Salary payments.
  • Service payments.
  • Permission settings.
  • Account statements (review and update).
  • User validation.
  • Account limits settings.


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