Bantotal Cash Management allows the Financial Institution to offer their clients the usage of payment, collection, and transfer services by outsourcing its treasury and creating cost and time savings.


What does Bantotal Cash Management bring to a Financial Institution?

  • Developing businesses by defining business agreements tailored to the needs of their clients, setting the operating conditions, channels, information exchange mechanisms, prices, and deadlines.
  • Optimizing the management of the agreements, ensuring the full life cycle for the agreed services.
  • Business opportunities with third parties.
  • Multiple forms of monetization.


Features and Functionalities

  • Setting payment and collection services.
  • Managing payment and collection methods.
  • Business rules and validation programs for the instructions received.
  • Defining the design of files, output, and bar codes.
  • Monitor instructions management and processing.
  • Defining the general, personal, or contract fee.
  • Executing on-demand, automatic, batch, real-time, or delayed instructions.
  • Wide connectivity with external channels.


Why choose Bantotal Cash Management?

Because it efficiently solves all stages linked to the business of payment, collection, and transfer services required by the companies.