Bantotal Comercio Exterior permite a la institución financiera desarrollar el negocio de las Cartas de Crédito, Garantías, Cobranzas, Giros y Cheques Internacionales.

¿Qué es lo que aporta Bantotal Comercio Exterior a una Institución Financiera?

  • Keeping the business under control, providing detailed information to executives of each stage of the operations, maintaining an inventory within the system.
  • Meeting the standards and rules of international trade.
  • Business Knowledge, through a solution based on business processes documented under standard BPMN 2.0 which allows you to efficiently manage the different operations, saving time and money.
  • Better business decision making by providing key information, in a user-friendly format and in a timely manner, on the various operations carried out.

Features and Functionality

  • International and domestic stand-by guarantees
  • Generation of SWIFT messages running the interface with SWIFT Alliance
  • Operations inventory
  • Admission of payment systems in agreement with LAIA
  • Controlling the term of documents
  • Consultations on operations carried out
  • Compliance with the following standards: UCP 600, URR725, CCI circ. 522, URDG 758
  • Issuance and receipt of financial and documentary collections
  • Management of guarantees given and received
  • Issuance of import letters of credit with the automatic issuance of SWIFT messages
  • Calculation of taxes, expenses, commissions, interests, etc. automatically

¿Por qué elegir Bantotal Comercio Exterior?

  • Because it is a tool which integrates knowledge, functions and proven practices in foreign trade.
  • Because it provides a unique solution to help your financial institution develop the business of foreign trade.
  • Because it is a tool with the flexibility to adapt to the institutions’ different client profiles.