Bantotal Mutual Funds allows the Financial Institution to offer their clients access to a diverse portfolio from a reduced volume of money, seeking to give liquidity, security and rentability to said savings.

What does Bantotal Mutual Funds bring to a Financial Institution?

  • Manage subscriptions to contributions and redemptions made by clients.
  • Manage share transfers.
  • Manage investments of all kinds of financial instruments, establishing limits for each Fund.
  • Solve the accounting, on line, for each Fund and for the Administrator.
  • Process the net asset value per share and fees calculation.
  • Calculate the profitability of the different Funds.


Features and Functionality

  • Notification and confirmation of deposits made by the client.
  • Notification and confirmation of redemptions that will be collected by the client.
  • Transfering shares between accounts within the same Fund or between different Funds.
  • Mass issuing clients’ statements.
  • Assets valuation.
  • Interfaces: SIOPEL, BEVSA, Bloomberg.
  • Calculating profitability per Fund.
  • Calculating and collecting administration fees, low average, transaction and excess of movements.
  • Settling trading fees, depending on the age of each contribution.
  • Selling shares.
  • Redemption of shares.
  • Reports and inquires.


Why choose Bantotal Investment Funds?

Because it solves everything your Financial Institution needs to develop the business related to managing Mutual Funds.