Bantotal is the benchmark in technological solutions for Microfinance, which has been implemented in the leading microfinance institutions in Latin America. This has allowed the best sector processes and practices to be incorporated into Bantotal – Microfinance.

What does Bantotal Microfinance bring to a Financial Institution?

  • Access to a large portion of the market that does not access traditional credit and which has specific needs which are not satisfied.
  • Minimizing risk through the exclusive Bantotal Scoring system.
  • Facilitates operations with preferential clients of the institution through the segmentation score and the processing of credit renewals.
  • Gain flexibility in defining and launching new products through a highly customizable solution, differentiating its products in the target market.
  • Business Knowledge, through a solution based on business processes documented under standard BPMN 2.0
  • Absolute visibility of the non-performing portfolio for information based management.
  • Facilitating the management of evaluating the economic activity of the client, follow-up visits and collections of the assessors through a Vistas Bantotal View Administrator.

Features and Functionality

  • Allows the processing of individual, group and solidarity microcredit.
  • Credit is generated by the GXflow workflow motor which incorporates the best practices in microfinance in Latin America.
  • Each stage of the credit flow is validated to ensure compliance with the policies defined by the Financial Institution.
  • The credit flow allows for the processing not only of loans, but also other operations such as: renovations, refinancing, bond cards, credit limits, revolving lines and partial disbursements.
  • Allows for a flexible authorization decision process for both the approval of credit applications and the authorization of exceptions to the policies of the institution.
  • It has a socio-economic evaluation administration module which allows for different models for both entrepreneurs and employees. This allows institutions to process not only traditional “Micro” loans, but also loans to people belonging to the “Employee” segment.
  • The solution has an alert system that allows for different actions ranging from blocking the process, requiring authorizations, etc.
  • Allows for efficient control of the receipt of the documentation required for the credit process.
  • Provides analysts and managers with a control panel for nonperforming credits for collections management.

Why choose Bantotal Microfinance?

  • Because it is the solution which incorporates the greatest amount of knowledge and best practices in Microfinance in Latin America.
  • Because it is the solution chosen by the biggest and most successful global Microfinance institutions.
  • Because it is a solution that allows you to customize products and differentiate them in the market while having full control and visibility of your business.
  • Because it allows you not only to process the transactions of microenterprise clients, but also evaluate clients with salaries.
  • Because it is a simple to use and intuitive solution, designed so that both analysts and managers can operate in a simple and flexible manner.