Bantotal Business Processes is a key tool to allow Financial Institutions to operate on the basis of well-defined processes, achieve their strategic objectives and keep their business under control.

What does Bantotal Business Processes allow a Financial Institution to do?

  • Raise the quality of service provided to clients of the institution
  • Minimize client delivery times
  • Have traceable processes that can be shared with the client to align the expectations of the parties
  • Ensure the quality standards set by the organization
  • Control the performance of each area of the institution with full visibility with respect to performance
  • Anticipate and generate corrective actions for deviations from what had been planned
  • Even out the workload allocation of the institution’s various operations
  • Obtain lessons learned to continuously improve business operations
  • Have clear rules of operation for all involved
  • Give alerts that serve as a reminder for the proper execution of defined processes
  • Have accurate information in real time to make strategic definitions at a company level.

Features and Functionality

  • Definition of tasks
  • Definition of the order in which defined tasks should be executed
  • Definition of roles and authority levels
  • Define data streams
  • Define messages to be transmitted
  • Define alerts

¿Por qué elegir Bantotal – Procesos de Negocio?

  • Because it is a proven tool in financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Because it contains pre-designed processes that accumulate the best market practices
  • Because our consultants have the business knowledge necessary to help a financial institution to define its key business processes in line with global standards.
  • Because it is an easy to use tool which streamlines processes, allowing more time for selling products.