Bantotal Treasury offers investors a global vision of their portfolio through a scalable system in terms of product variety and volume of business.

What does Bantotal Treasury bring to a Financial Institution?

  • Optimized risk management, with the ability to administer portfolios according to risk categories.
  • Permanently update the valuation of the invested portfolio.
  • Deliver greater value to clients, communicating corporate events so that the investor can make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Carry out tactical marketing activities, generating overall bonuses and reductions in period pending commissions.
  • Generate commissions from a differentiated tariff by client by common concepts, such as brokering products, custody of securities, among others.
  • Full business visibility by providing alerts for passing limits, online, identifying the investments made by the client in the trustees for each of the assets, with online information of the position of all areas of the institution, knowing the profitability of each operation carried out, valuing Forward operations according to term requirements, identifying correspondents with which it operates, etc.
  • Greater security when taking decisions by defining roles for the front office, middle office and back office. Generating authorizations for exceptions online by the middle office for greater income fluidity.
  • Online information, facilitating the interconnection with stock systems.
  • Efficient control of operations, setting limits by currency on the overall position of the institution, setting limits by trader, managing settlement risk, ensuring processes through an operational flow from the Front Office to the Back Office, etc.
  • Flexibility for business development by authorizing exceptions online by the Middle Office.
  • Eliminate problems of roles and responsibilities by establishing clear functions and levels of responsibility for the Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office.

Features and Functionality

  • Client profile management: risk averse, conservative, balanced, growth and aggressive.
  • Definition of portfolios in accordance with the investment profile associated with the client.
  • Definición de portafolios de acuerdo al perfil de inversión que tiene asociado el cliente.
  • Graphical position query with daily market fluctuations.
  • Monthly commissions billing.
  • Liquidation of financial services such as payment of interests, amortization and payment of dividends.
  • Connections with the main price providers.
  • Limites por trader.
  • Business Knowledge, through a solution based on business processes documented under standard BPMN 2.0
  • Investment limits within each portfolio.
  • Separation of the investment portfolio into three portfolios: trading, available for sale and at maturity.
  • Calculation of trading profitability for each bank establishing participation rates between each of the banks and the foreign exchange desk in the carrying out of operations.
  • Negotiation in multiple local and international markets.
  • Integration with the SWIFT system for sending messages regarding the concentration and liquidation of positions.
  • Interconnection with stock systems.
  • Exceptions management.
  • Management of the roles and responsibilities of the various areas of the institution.

Why choose Bantotal – Business Processes?

  • Because it is a flexible tool which allows you to operate all existing financial products in the market
  • Because it allows you to attract clients and develop your business in the Premium segment
  • Because it helps you obtain the highest profitability possible in a market characterized by strong fluctuations
  • Because it provides the information necessary to optimally manage your business
  • Because it is a proven tool in large scale financial institutions operating in highly fluctuating markets