Diciembre 26, 2023

Northelis signed an agreement to integrate its professional services into Bantotal Store

Bantotal and Northelis announce their agreement to integrate the professional services of Organizational Development Consulting into the Bantotal Store. This strategic partnership allows Bantotal’s clients to access Northelis’ specialized Organizational Development Consulting services. In an increasingly challenging world, Northelis works alongside leaders and their teams to overcome organizational challenges and move forward confidently and optimistically in fundamental transformations. The services offer activities for training and developing leaders and teams to empower the entire organization. With this integration, financial institutions will obtain specialized advice to optimize critical aspects such as trust and alignment of teams and their leaders, a mindset of constant improvement, innovative problem solving to move forward cohesively, commitment and collective responsibility assigned, and the focus on results Valeria Bogadjian, Founder and Director of Northelis, expressed her enthusiasm: “This agreement with Bantotal is of great value to us, as it allows us to offer high-quality Organizational Development Consulting services, providing comprehensive solutions and significant added value.”   Northelis We are dedicated to strengthening organizations through the power of team cohesion and consolidation as the foundation for sustainable growth. We offer services in Organizational Development Consulting and conduct Corporate Training Activities to assist companies, their leaders, and employees in facing the most challenging issues and achieving transformative results with confidence and optimism.  

Diciembre 5, 2023

We participated in the GeneXus Meeting

We were present at GX30, one of the most important innovation and technology events in Latin America. We invite you to relive the talks given by our colleagues Carolina Delgado, Fernando Panizza and Marcos Begerez. Banking Software Diploma in Colombia: Carolina Delgado Banco Mundo Mujer, Bantotal, GeneXus and Corporación Universitaria Autónoma del Cauca join forces to generate opportunities in the region of Popayán, Colombia. This talk tells the experience of the synergy between clients, technology providers and formal education, for the generation of applied knowledge and new talents. This is a Diploma in Software Solutions Development for Banking that already has more than one generation of students graduated, and several of them are working!   How does IA redesign the product? – Fernando Panizza and Marcos Begerez We discussed how AI is transforming the way we conceive, develop and improve products, bringing new perspectives and opportunities. Answering three big questions: How are we approaching the topic at Bantotal? What are we doing? What will we do?   Empowering testers and analysts with GenAI and LLMs: co-pilot case for Bantotal: Marcos Begerez with Matías Reina (Abstracta) The talk is about how the creation of Generative Artificial Intelligence co-pilots can expand human capabilities. We present a case study: our experience developing a co-pilot for Bantotal, a leading core bank, that aims to improve observability for analysts and testers, and facilitate continuous adaptation to the changing needs of users. We will reveal learnings and results from an R&D project supported by Bantotal and Microsoft’s AI CoInnovation Lab. In addition, we will explore how SGeneXus Enterprise AI can streamline the implementation of systems based on Deep Learning Language Models (LLM).  

Noviembre 21, 2023

SGB signs agreement with Bantotal to integrate its products into Bantotal Store

Bantotal announces the signing of an agreement with SGB. This company provides IT solutions for managing and administrating legal notices and notifications from Central Banks, Courts, and Regulatory Bodies, integrating its e-officious product into the Bantotal Store. Bantotal clients can manage all the notifications and legal notices they receive daily, systematizing this operation. Thanks to the integration with Bantotal, it is possible to easily detect officious clients involved in such notifications, make debits and credits, and consult by-products, balances, and movements, among other operations. Marcos Buznick, President and CEO of SGB: “We are very excited to include our solutions in BStore. Many Bantotal clients have already adopted this tool, and this agreement allows us to enhance the integration with Bantotal further, offering a product that covers all the sector’s needs”. For further information about SGB and other solutions available at Bantotal Store, visit:   SGB SGB Information Services specializes in providing IT solutions for the administration of corporate legal offices in Banks, Fintech, Virtual Wallets and Companies, using the latest technology. It automates legal processes originated by courts, tax authorities, central banks and other participants. More than 500 implementations in more than 70 entities endorse its trajectory.