PSMLA  is a web application and backend software system that analyzes electronic transactions of various kinds. It is used to monitor transactions and detect suspicious patterns related to various forms of Money Laundering.

The PSAML system is all-inclusive: it allows for monitoring, reporting, blacklisting, execution of workflows, population segmentation and for the creation of risk rating matrices, all unified in the same system, thereby optimizing all the management of compliance departments in financial entities.



PSAML  is a web application / backend system that runs on detached servers communicating with Bantotal’s Banking Core. PSAML is a robust solution which monitors your electronic transactions searching for anomalous behavior, thus supporting your anti-legitimization / anti-money laundering program, as an all-in-one system.

Both with friendly design and a simple architecture, as well as with computational-mathematical technology specialized in profiling the analysis population as well as in atypical behavior detection, and together with best practices and expert knowledge, the tool is capable of alerting transactions and suspicious behavior.

Once identified, suspicious cases can be further investigated easily by large number of work teams across the organization using a general workflow subsystem.

These features help streamline processes and efficiently assist with regulatory compliance. PSAML is capable of identifying highly suspicious cases while discarding low-risk transactions, thereby improving staff performance and, consequently, reducing costs.

PSAML received the distinction of having been ranked as the third best anti-money laundering solution (of forty-four solutions in operation) at a recent Hemispheric Congress on Money Laundering organized by the Panama Banking Association that took place in Panama City.

As part of its services, Predisoft has a mathematical laboratory for data analysis, where we carry out the segmentation and customer profiling processes, additionally we can support in the creation of risk rating matrices for both customers and products.

The PSAML software application is the product of years of refinement and it is continuously enhanced, making it innovative, complete and effective.

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