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Platform created to minimize the risk of the Financial Institutions from being used for money laundering or terrorism financial practices.

BdN & Finder includes all the necessary tools for an efficient management of the anti-money laundering procedures defined by the compliance departments. The platform can be set up parcially to comply with a specific activity of the process or totally for a complete solution.

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BdN&Finder is a complete solution for Financial Institutions to reduce the risk and comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and terrorist financing regulations.

BdN&Finder, certified solution by Dow Jones, with more than 15 years of evolution and experience with many financial institutions, combine KYC tools, operation monitoring, and ( if required) revision against Dow Jones Watch List (global leader in risk and compliance)

BdN&Finder allows you to:

  • Keep track of the client due diligence workflow ( KYC)
  • Identify clients or possible clients involved in the operation that may be of risk.
  • On line monitoring of swift messaging (international) or Local (ACH, SPI, SIPAP)
  • Manage the due diligence in accordance to the specific compliance policies and procedures manual.
  • Monitoring of all operations from clients/ accounts/ users, and keep a complete analysis of each of them, identifying unusual behaviors.
  • Alerts for AML risks, allowing the analyst to have all the required information in just a click away.
  • Auditable logs.
  • Submission of documents within the platform for each case or action, helping future analysis or investigation.
  • Platform certified by Dow Jones ( Risk & Compliance) which can be integrated with the sanction lists and profiles from the WatchList, including:
    • Global Sanctions lists (Ex. OFAC, ONU, UE, FBI).
    • Special Interest person (formally accused of serious crime)
    • Politically Exposed persons (PEP).
    • RCA – close associates, and family members
  • Includes a module specifically designed to comply with FACTA and/or CRS/OCDE.

BdN&Finder can be easily integrated with a variety of other systems. It is a complete compliance solution, that can be acquired totally or partially depending on the client´s needs.

Cases of success:

  • Banco Central del Uruguay
  • Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay
  • OCA Card
  • SURA
  • Banco Nacional de Fomento (Paraguay)
  • Banco SOL (Bolivia)
  • Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
  • Cooperativa FUCEREP
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